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shornenooga: sounds like you are making some progress06:59
shorneare you going to publish the java simulator? Do you think it will be faster than the javascript one?07:00
wbxshorne: just to let you know, regression testing of your uclibc-ng patches is running.07:05
wbxshorne: is a clean room implementation possible if you have already seen the existing gcc code?07:12
shornewbx: I guess so, I forget quickly :)  But also there are not many wants to port gdb to a specific architecture07:19
shorneI mean gcc07:20
wbxshorne: and there is no chance convincing the developer?07:28
wbxshorne: or are his changes just trivial so you can ignore it?07:29
wbxshorne: will he do anything when you officially submit a or1k port to gcc mailinglist?07:30
shornewbx: looking at the history to me it looks like he didnt do much07:32
shornebut I cant be sure because his patch is the first one I can find in history07:32
shornefrom 2005 in opencores svn07:33
shornebefore that 2000-2002 the work was dont in CVS07:33
wbxshorne: did you try to contact him personally?07:33
shorne*work was done in cvs*07:33
wbxmay be he changed his mind.07:34
shornewbx: we did last year but no reply, will try again07:34
shorneI just was trying to sort out the actual change07:34
wbxshorne: no reply might hav other reasons.07:34
wbxshorne: do you have only the mail adress or phone number or location info?07:35
shornewbx: thats try, I will try again soon07:35
shorneI have the mail address07:35
shornes/thats try/thats right/ - bad typing sorry07:35
shorneI can submit code to the list but FSF will validate all authors have the copyright on file07:36
wbxshorne: but how they do it, if you can't? :)07:38
wbxshorne: what mail address do you have?07:38
wbxgcc-musl-5.4.0/gcc/config/or1k/or1k.h:   Major optimizations by Matjaz Breskvar <> in 2005.07:43
wbxgcc-musl-5.4.0/gcc/config/or1k/;; Major optimizations by Matjaz Breskvar <> in 2005.07:43
wbxgcc-musl-5.4.0/gcc/config/or1k/or1k.c:   Major optimizations by Matjaz Breskvar <> in 2005.07:43
wbxthree files. and the other employee agreed?07:43
wbxif the file are contributed and original licensed under GPL, where is the problem?07:44
wbxi am not a lawyer, but I really do not understand the issue completely.07:49
wbxshorne: have you tried to submit and got some feedback what is missing to get it added?07:54
shornewbx: yes, the others were fine09:16
shornewbx: yes, the argument about the project license is gpl, but the author still needs to do copyright assignment is not so clear to me.  But its the fsf upstream policy09:17
shorne^ its explained here09:19
wbxshorne: what the others have done?09:55
wbxsent a fax to fsf for the copyright assignment?10:19
blueCmd_shorne: yeah matjaz was one of the earliest developers of gcc IIRC, a it's too early to be try to discern which code is his14:13
blueCmd_wbx: three files sure - but those are also the bulk code IIRC :p14:15
blueCmd_wbx: physical mail of contract releasing copyright to FSF14:15
blueCmd_wbx: that's what I worked on w.r.t. binutils and GCC14:16
blueCmd_everyone signed except matjaz if my memory serves me right14:16
-!- blueCmd_ is now known as blueCmd14:16
shorneblueCmd: thanks, about the code being "too early" thats what I found too.  The earliest code I can find is matjaz's 2005 import to svn20:23
shorneIf anyone has the original cvs code it might help.  juliusb do you know if it might still exist somewhere?20:24
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