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wbxhi. what is the best supported gcc branch for openrisc?11:35
ZipCPUWhat are you hoping to accomplish?  And which branches are you comparing between?12:03
wbxZipCPU: stable builds for musl/uclibc-ng toolchains12:09
wbxcontains so many branches. at the moment I use musl-5.4.0 for everything12:10
ZipCPUYou might wish to check GCC upstream.  I think they've managed to merge all of their GCC changes into GCC proper.12:20
wbxZipCPU: no.14:10
wbxZipCPU: upstream doesn't contain openrisc support14:11
ZipCPUwbx: Let's see if one of the GCC developers has an answer for you --- they tend not to work in my time-zone.14:26
shornewbx: musl-5.4.0 should be most up to date18:10
shorneor or1k-5.4.0 (musl has some extra defaults for musl, not so sure why we need 2)18:10
shornethe branches are just the releases18:10
shornewe should use tags I guess18:11
shornewbx: actually musl-5.4.0 is a bit old18:12
shorneno, nevermind its fine18:14
shornequestion with iverilog I am getting, Found both default and `timescale based delays. Use18:20
shorneThis is on one of my own modules,  I dont see this using fusesoc on the orpsoc-core modules.18:20
shornebut it seems the issue would be the same18:20
shorneanyone know why the timescale warning doesnt come when I test things like wb_sdram_ctrl, even though none of the wb_sdram_ctrl modules have a timescale defined?18:25
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