IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2017-05-04

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juliusbHi all, sorry we lost logs for a few days, my host restarted this machine I think21:24
juliusbDoes anyone have logs for Sunday on?21:25
ZipCPUNothing happened on Sunday other than users joining and leaving and changing their names.21:25
juliusbCool, good to know, thanks!21:27
ZipCPUThe most recent comment since the 30th is bandvig's comment on the 3rd noticing that your log is down.21:27
ZipCPUDo you have seank's comment from the 29th?21:27
juliusbThis one?
ZipCPUjuliusb: Yep, that's it.21:35
juliusbcool, well it seems we are only missing Monday until now21:43
ZipCPUThere was nothing on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.21:44
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