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mithroshorne: I'll look at your proposed review changes after lunch00:17
homelessIs there anyone trying something on FreeRtos17:50
latifakcayHi all.. Have a nice dayy..18:48
latifakcayI want to ask a question.. I am trying to use FreeRTOS on Openrisc.. I use or1k-elf gcc 4.9.2 (I also tried the last 5.3.0).. So, I have edited the codes on /
latifakcayI made changes or32==>or1k18:52
latifakcayWhen I try to make I get an error18:52
latifakcayIn function `__getreent': (.text+0x0): undefined reference to `_or1k_libc_getreent'18:53
latifakcaythis is about the function in /newlib/newlib//libc/sys/or1k/getreent.S:18:54
latifakcayCan anyone help me on that? Maybe someone has tried to compile the FreeRTOS with new gcc versions?? It is too old on
shornelatifakcay and homeless... maybe you can check with wallento ?20:28
shornelooks like you already signed out, but he worked on reentrent newlib stuff if I remember correctly20:29
mithroshorne: I'm happy to make those changes to the CL, give me an hour and a bit, just getting up now22:43
mithroshorne: So, I23:44
mithroshorne: So I'm likely to want to send quite a few QEMU changes upstream, so maybe it's best you just help guide me through the process of sending these upstream and ack them when they are on the mailing list?23:45
mithroshorne: (IE I want to send support for the LiteX peripherals upstream too)23:45
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