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mor1kx[mor1kx] olofk opened pull request #44: Fixes for unused wires and witdh mismatches (master...fixes)
jiahi all, how can I build busybox using or1k-elf-gcc?12:24
jiainclude/platform.h:152:23: fatal error: byteswap.h: No such file or directory12:24
jiaanyone tell me how to build busybox using or1k toolchain?13:12
SMDwrkjia: could you tell us what are you doing so we could give you advice somehow?13:53
jiaI'm building a rootfs.img13:53
SMDwrkwhich manual are you using?13:54
jiamake CROSS_COMPILE=or1k-linux-musl- defconfig13:55
jiamake CROSS_COMPILE=or1k-linux-musl-13:55
SMDwrkAlso I think your toolchain might be incapable of building linux kernel: seems like you have a toolchain for baremetal, while linux requires another one13:56
jiaor1k-elf- can not build, too13:56
stekernSMDwrk: sorry about not taking a look a second look at your pull request, I'll do it today13:56
SMDwrkstekern: thanks13:56
SMDwrkbut I might be wrong, correct me plz, if so13:56
jiaI'm using or1k-elf-gcc to build Linux, and it works.13:56
jiabut or1k-elf- can not build busybox. Or, I don;t know how13:57
SMDwrkOk, then I'm wrong :)13:57
jiaI wanna know how the linux/arch/openrisc/support be built.13:58
jiait is a prebuilt busybox13:58
mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson closed pull request #42: Fixes for saturating counter branch predictor (master...bpred_fixes)
mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson pushed 1 new commit to master:
mor1kxmor1kx/master 013eb7e Alexey 'SMD' Baturo: Introducing gshare branch predictor14:24
stekernjia: you can use or1k-elf- to build linux since linux is a standalone binary running on the baremetal14:44
stekernbusybox is a linux userspace application, you'll need a linux toolchain to build such14:44
jia\stekern where can I get a linux toolchain?15:07
jiaor1k-linux-musl- can not build busybox either15:08
stekernit can, but last I looked there was some problems in busybox that needed manual intervention to get it to build15:20
* jia have no idea15:24
* jia tried, but got some error.15:25
jiado you remember how intervention?15:25
jiaplease send the msg here, it is 4 AM, I'm very sleepy...15:28
olofkAnd Hacktoberfest has begun!16:27
olofkstekern: Should I fix the changes and do a force-push, or do you want me to add extra commits on top?16:28
olofkI'll add them on top for now, and we can squash later16:29
olofkAnd for the 1'd1 vs 1'b1, for some reason I always use 'b' when it's a single bit. Don't know where I picked up that habit16:30
shorne_jia: I used or1k-linux-musl- to build busybox a week back16:54
shorne_Required some special steps16:55
shorne_ - use gcc 5.4.0 toolchain16:55
shorne_  - removed a netfilter include in networking/tcpudp.c16:56
shorne_ - disable the 'ash' shell, due to blob api missing in musl16:58
olofkshorne_: Ah.. you actually wrote down the changes. I forgot to do that when I tried a while ago17:00
-!- shorne_ is now known as shorne17:05
shorneolofk: I just remembered them since I did it last week17:06
shorneneed to write them down formally now they are :)17:06
olofkIf anything was to happen to we would lost most OpenRISC documentation :)17:09
jiashorne: are you still online?19:32
jiashorne: thx, or1k-linux-musl-5.4.0 can build busybox-1.25.0 with ash and Linux.20:48
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