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poke53282stekern: Finally realtime fractals. Start "bb" ;)19:33
olofk_Nice. Latest version of Kactus 2 supports verilog19:52
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stekernpoke53282: heh, cool20:39
stekernhave you tried compiling sdl2 for openrisc btw?20:39
poke53282No, but why not. So far each program I compiled for sdl was happy with SDL 1.220:40
stekernyeah, I'm just curious if it works.20:40
poke53282But I compiled file, screen, vim and git. I wrote that message already yesterday. But for some reason it isn't logged in the IRC log.20:41
stekernthe only thing I've seen that only support sdl2 is gource (the thing that did that mor1kx video)20:42
poke53282I can try to compile it.20:48
poke53282configure is fine so far20:52
poke53282make is running20:52
poke53282and now?20:54
poke53282If I want to compile the most basic Linux kernel for OpenRISC and want to reduce the kernel sources to a minimum.  Do I get the total amount of code I need under 5MB?21:01
stekernwithout rootfs? I think so21:02
poke53282Yes, without rootfs. I would take the current busybox, which is anyhow loaded.21:03
poke53282Deleting of all unnecessary files is not the problem. But I am afraid of to change all Kconfig and Makefiles.21:05
poke53282I can't even delete the Documentation folder without breaking "make distclean".21:05
poke53282637MB -> 434MB22:24
poke53282A good start22:24
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