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stekern_franck_: the picture seems to be removed. But to answer your question. no, we shouldn't de-assert cyc nor stb after receiving an ack.02:15
stekernIf we have data to send/receive, why waste a cycle with that?02:17
stekernit's perfectly according to the wishbone spec to behave like that. if a slave can't handle that, it's buggy.02:20
stekernit's again completely possible that changing DBUS_WB_TYPE to CLASSIC cover up some unrelated bug, just because the timing change02:27
stekernjuliusb: that sounds like a good idea02:29
stekernsometimes you really miss VHDL variables...03:14
poke53281On question stekern. Probably you know it. I have tried to compile strace and I was surprised that there is already one folder called or1k.04:54
poke53281So, does it work? I have compiled it but it does not work. More or less the same strange behavior like I had with X.04:56
stekernyes, I think blueCmd upstreamed that04:59
stekernI have never tried it though04:59
poke53281The syscall numbers are correct.05:00
poke53281After some time the kernel shoots itself into hell. Syscall handler starts with number 260 executes the ptrace entry part and returns later after a context switch with syscall number 360.  This syscall does not exist, so it tries to execute address 0x0. After an ITLB miss the emulator finally had mercy and stops with an unknown opcode :)05:11
poke53281But I think the error happens a few million instructions before this.05:11
poke53281I need strace to analyze this ;(05:13
stekerna classic catch 2205:14
powermaniacLet me guess you need all of that to work to be able to have strace work...Right?05:14
powermaniacSo yeah can anoyne confirm my suspicion that I need to learn verilog to further contribute in any significant way?05:16
stekernpowermaniac: if digital design is the path you want to go, yes05:17
powermaniacWell it sort of part of the path I want to go down05:18
powermaniacSee let me explain further05:18
powermaniacMy one huge goal is to make the technological singularity happen. Currently the path to get there seems to be become an electronics engineering and then go into computational neuroscience05:18
powermaniacAnd then that should hopefully take me where I want to go05:19
powermaniacAs it currently looks hardware isn't really built for making a artificial brain in. Or well current hardware/computers.05:20
powermaniacAlthough it seems IBM atleast is working to fix that05:20
powermaniac(IBM) This is what I'm talking about:
powermaniacstekern: So what do you think of all of that?05:40
stekernto go into computional neuroscience, you'll probably need to be polyskilled.05:44
powermaniacstkern: Yeah I was talking to someone who works in the field recently (well via email) and he was the one who told me to go in via electrnic engineering and then pick up bilogy facts along the way05:44
powermaniacAs I think that is what he has done05:44
powermaniacGoing to see if I can contact that guy in the video somehow, and ask about the Synapse project05:47
olofkI read up on the failing uart-simple test05:53
stekernolofk: any input?05:54
olofkThe UART in or1200-generic is my dirty, quick wb_bfm based UART model05:55
olofkSo TX doesn't move. It just prints out the value on stdout05:55
stekernis that what _franck_ is using?05:56
olofkAlso, I'm not even sure that the bfm handles Wishbone classic cycles correctly05:56
olofkCouldn't find any master to test it with05:56
powermaniacI wonder if IBM will let me talk to Dharmendra Modha...Heh...Random student inquiry asking to talk to him haha05:56
olofkAnd are you really, really sure that cyc can stay asserted between accesses? I'm not sure it handles that either05:57
olofkAll in all, this turned out to be a good test for wb_bfm_slave if nothing else :)05:57
stekernyes, I'm sure05:57
powermaniacDid I somehow unexpectedly help again? If so yay!05:57
stekernpowermaniac: sorry, no ;)05:57
stekernwe moved into another discussion05:58
powermaniacAhh okay05:58
olofkThe UART model hasn't all functionality either. I just did the minimum effort to pass uart-simple and make linux like it05:58
stekernyeah, if that's what causing it, no one is blaiming you ;)05:59
olofkThere's an UART wrapper in or1200-generic. The idea was to be able to switch between implementations with a parameter as verilator doesn't handle the model either05:59
olofkBut I haven't finished that part yet06:00
stekernI was actually thinking that the uart-test went unexpectedly fast in or1200-generic06:00
stekernwhat did you mean "not sure if bfm handles wb classic cycles"? how can it not?06:02
olofkThinking of it, that code is in wb_bfm_master06:05
olofkThe slave should probably be fine06:05
olofkThinking some more, I had some trouble with a few parameter settings in mor1kx when I tried it. Seem to remember that it was related to DBUS_WB_TYPE06:07
stekernI can't help silently translate bfm to "big f*cking <something>" in my head06:08
stekernlike in bfd06:08
olofkI have to consider that if I ever want to write a Bus Functional Generator then ;)06:08
stekernolofk: define "trouble" ;)06:10
olofkCan't remember exactly, but I think it just sent a few wb transactions and then got stuck or something like that06:11
olofkIt's probably somewhere in the logs :)06:11
olofkI can see if I find any clues in my local mor1kx-generic system that I was playing with06:11
stekernit's working like a champ on sockit now at least06:12
olofkIt might also be that you actually fixed the issue, so I'm not sure06:12
stekernbut yeah, there was this bug that _franck_ helped me track down yesterday, where wb_dbus_adr_o would go X06:14
stekernolofk: do you have a plan for passing parameters down to orpsoc_top when running simulations06:16
stekernor can you do that already?06:17
stekernor pass defines or something else06:17
stekernwell, not only when running simulations06:17
stekernI'm thinking how we should handle configuration of cores like mor1kx06:18
stekernright now I've just "hardcoded" the parameters in orpsoc_top, but that's suboptimal06:19
olofkI have thought a lot about that, but haven't got a clear strategy yet06:19
olofkDefines can be specified with vlog_options and iverilog_options06:19
olofkBut that's about it, right now06:20
stekernI think defines in a *top* top level isn't that bad06:20
olofkMe neither06:20
olofkAnd simulation parameters are easy. You just set them to false in your orpsoc_top and override them in the test bench06:21
olofkmor1kx configurations are trickier06:21
olofkOne way could be to write a wrapper generator, like the one for wb_intercon06:22
stekernas long as you don't name them something stupid like "DEBUG" or "TEST" or something like that06:22
olofkYes. But we will get rid of those with patches :)06:22
stekernyeah, I'm thinking about how we should transform or1200-generic into or1k-generic06:22
powermaniacExcuse muah but could I connect this to 2x these:
powermaniac(Yes I'm still trying to come up with ways to make it a very underpowered computer...)06:23
olofkstekern: I think we will have to live with a defines-based specification for or1200 and parametrized for mor1kx for some time06:24
olofkI think that an easy way to start would be to just hard code most settings and have a parameter to select which core to instantiate06:26
stekernolofk: yes, that's not the problem I'm thinking about, I'm mostly thinking how we would go about to make it possible to choose between mor1kx-cappuccino, mor1kx-espresso and mor1kx-prontoespresso06:26
powermaniacLOL at the names06:26
olofkYes, it's a bit unfair to mor1kx, since that has much more fun stuff to configure06:26
stekernI think it's ok to just have a "hardcoded" default config for each of those three06:27
olofkAnd it would be a bitch to maintain a common wrapper that exposes all functionality. Especiallly since or1200 defines it's stuff with defines06:27
olofkstekern: That's not a bad idea. I mean, you can still use mor1kx directly if you want all the special features06:29
stekernpowermaniac: actually, the best choice as a board for you would probably be the milkymist projects m1 board. But I don't know if they have any to sell anymore06:29
powermaniacstekern: Oh really, and yeah I don't think they sell them anymore =( as I've been on the Milkymist site before06:30
powermaniacBut I shall look around some more06:30
olofkBut that would make it easy to run comparing regression tests against all four pipelines06:30
stekernolofk: why "but" ;)06:31
olofks/but/and ;)06:32
stekernoh, weird smiley...06:33
stekernpowermaniac: if you can live without USB, I'd suggest the atlys board, since that we have orpsocv2 ports for06:33
olofkYep. It's not a regexp06:33
olofkjuliusb: I know, the ORPSoCv3 wiki page is badly out of date. Lack of time :(06:35
powermaniacThe atlys might be an option if I wait a while06:38
powermaniacBut so will a whole lot more if I wait a while06:38
powermaniacWhat can you expand with Pmod conenctors?06:42
powermaniacThis would've been perfect if they were both USB Host ports:
powermaniacAlso what does a USB Blaster Port do?06:49
stekernthat doesn't have ethernet06:50
powermaniacWhy is ethernet so important?06:50
stekernusb blaster is jtag connection06:50
powermaniacOkay what is jtag used for?06:51
stekernmainly debugging, but if you search the global network internet you might find more info ;)06:52
powermaniacAhh okay06:52
stekernethernet is important because it's an easy way to get fast access to the outer world06:53
stekernwhy is USB so important?06:53
powermaniacYes but I'm weird and want to connect to the net via usb wifi adapter06:53
powermaniacUnless you can get an ethernet wifi adapter...?06:53
stekernthere exist that kind06:54
powermaniacThat opens up more options O_O06:54
powermaniacWait maybe not =\06:56
stekerngetting a usb wifi adapter to work in for example a bootloader is going to be a lot more painful than just plain ethernet06:56
powermaniacOh well that is good then, as ethernet is the way to go!06:56
powermaniacNow to cipher through this list of boards:
stekernbut I know LoneTech have used the usb host core together with an usb wifi adapter under linux, so it should be possible there at least06:57
LoneTechyes, it worked, though the usb core was rather slow. Things like lack of busmaster and only 8-bit interface, certainly fixable.07:25
hansfbaierpowermaniac: Why the singularity? I don't think it's a good idea. You will make humans obsolete.08:20
hansfbaierpowermaniac: forget about those boards.08:21
hansfbaierpowermaniac: I mean the list08:22
hansfbaierit utterly confused me08:22
hansfbaierpowermaniac: there are only a few really good deals:08:22
hansfbaierthe de0_nano / the cyclong V GX starter kit / the SocKit / the Parallela08:23
hansfbaierAnd Waveshares EP4CE10 + modular system maybe08:23
powermaniachansfbaier: Well I like the idea of the singularity, I think it could answer all of our questions and more...And if it goes along the ideas of Ray Kurzweil's then we might be able to 'become one' with the singularity thus we don't exactly become obsolete we become soemthing else08:25
blueCmdpoke53281: strace worked for me, but I never tried to compile it to uclibc08:26
powermaniachansfbaier: My parents think I like the idea of the singularity because I've suffered from a lot of different illnesses over the 18 years I've been alive, and the idea that it might solve them. I just think that is a bonus08:27
hansfbaierpowermaniac: The No. 1 top problem the world has is that we have learned to master the outside world, but not even remotely master our inside world. All current big world problems derive from that.08:27
blueCmdI used a couple of non-upstreamed kernel patches, but they should not be relevant as long as you are not using the atomic syscalls08:27
powermaniachansfbaier: I'm not disagreeing with that, haven't really thought about it that way yet anyway, but I think the singularity maybe the quick answer to everything although probably very dangerous08:28
hansfbaierpowermaniac: the best thing the singularity could teach us is to master our lusts,  and get along with each other really well.08:28
powermaniachansbaier: Did you read this when I posted it?
powermaniachansbaier: I think it sort of rules out the Parallella for my idea, I'm not sure now whether they did...Think they just said it would be difficult...08:29
hansfbaierstekern: how fast does the or1200/mor1kx run on the sockit?08:33
hansfbaierstekern: Q2: Has somebody done a Timequest analysis of the cores?08:34
hansfbaierpowermaniac: Yes the answer of the singularity may be as quick as to dispose of obsolescence08:35
hansfbaierpowermaniac: Or keep us around as we do with our cattle/lifestock08:35
stekernhansfbaier: I haven't pushed them, just run it at 50 MHz for now08:35
hansfbaierpowermaniac: To build something more intelligent than mankind is a very bad Idea if we cannot even remotely master ourselves08:36
hansfbaierpowermaniac: the collective use of Billions of brains is extremely powerful08:36
hansfbaierpowermaniac: the main problem is only billions are malfunctioning because of hunger08:36
stekernI kind of agree with hansfbaier, I want my machines to be dumb, efficient and do what I tell them08:37
hansfbaierpowermaniac: other billions are malfunctioning because of our (mal)education system and/or mass media stupidification and consumerism08:37
powermaniachansfbaier: But currently there seems no way to combat the problem caused by whoever really has the most control over the globe08:37
hansfbaierpowermaniac: the single most destructive force on this planet is the addiction to wealth, power and status. If untamed it will destroy everything08:38
hansfbaierpowermaniac: and we are well on that way08:38
powermaniachansfbaier: Exactly, I'm sort of of the opinion do whatever I can to combat it, but I myself am not enough08:38
hansfbaierpowermaniac: actually the world has only one problem: It is addiction08:39
powermaniachansfbaier: So did you read my forum post? And if so what did you think as I'm not certain now whether it would work for my idea of using OpenRISC as an as open source as possible computer08:39
hansfbaierpowermaniac: If we could find a solution for that I am sure 99% of all our problems will go away08:40
powermaniachansfbaier: By the way, I love these kinds of conversations, barely ever find people willing to have them =\08:40
hansfbaierpowermaniac: Most of our world today is run by psychopaths/addicts08:40
powermaniachansfbaier: Don't look at me (I'm bipolar...xD)08:40
hansfbaierpowermaniac: Consider this: The money spent on Iraq war would have ended world hunger for 10Years+08:41
powermaniachansfbaier: Yeah, I've heard similar things about all the money being spent on spying08:41
powermaniacSad really08:41
hansfbaierpowermaniac: openrisc is as opensource as you can get, if you want to use linux08:41
hansfbaierpowermaniac: look at this:
hansfbaierpowermaniac: and you know how sick our world really is08:42
hansfbaiermy statement about world hunger was an understatement08:42
hansfbaierpowermaniac: this picture says it all08:44
powermaniachansfbaier: Linux is fine, actually was the plan to use Debian although still got to get use to Debian as only recently started using Linux08:44
powermaniachansfbaier Woah that infographic is interesting08:46
hansfbaierpowermaniac: Yes it says a LOT08:46
hansfbaierpowermaniac: money makes the world go round / In German: "Geld regiert die Welt" (money rules the world)08:47
powermaniachansfbaier: True, I always found it odd when I was younger how money worked, well the idea of coins and notes being worth something when it's just a mineral or plastic...or paper08:48
hansfbaierpowermaniac: basically it's only a system of keeping score08:49
powermaniachansfbaier: Well yeah basically08:49
hansfbaierpowermaniac: but it doesn't always work that way08:49
hansfbaierquite a bunch of people try to get something for nothing08:49
hansfbaierand those who had this legalized are the biggest players in that game:08:50
hansfbaierThe banks08:50
hansfbaierThey lend money that does not exist08:50
hansfbaierAnd earn interest on that from money that exists08:50
hansfbaierIt is a legal huge-scale ponzi scheme that will explode some day08:50
powermaniachansfbaier: Yeah, reminds me of a study some university did where they basically followed the money to discover all the coorporations they control the money flow...08:50
hansfbaierpowermaniac: would be interesting to have some infographic on that08:51
powermaniacI think there is a web type thing, let me find the link, I think I still have it08:52
mor1kx[mor1kx] wallento opened pull request #5: DCache: Non-disrupting invalidation (master...master)
hansfbaierpowermaniac: that's a good one oo:
hansfbaierstekern: sweden, impressive08:54
hansfbaierpowermaniac: The US is a banana republic08:54
hansfbaierranks below Nigeria08:54
powermaniacThis link is always hard to find08:57
stekerncan't find finland in there08:59
hansfbaierstekern: Forgive me for bothering you, but I could not find something proper in the internet. Do you know a way to make quartus synthesize parallel pipelind adders instead of this:
powermaniacTo find the link I'm looking for I may need to log into my Windows 7 boot09:01
powermaniacSo be right back09:02
hansfbaierstekern: finland is near the top09:03
Powermaniachansfbaier: Here is the link:
PowermaniacNow excuse me as I go and have dinner09:08
hansfbaierPowermaniac: thanks. that's interesting09:08
PowermaniacWell this is the link inside that link if you didn't realise:
PowermaniacOh and here is a huge archive of things that may or may not be connected to (mainly NSA related stuff):
hansfbaierPowermaniac: thanks09:25
PowermaniacAnyway, now on Windows so can't really mess around with ORPSoC even if I wanted to09:26
Powermaniachansfbaier: You never did tell me if you looked at that thread I linked on the Parallella forum and what you thought?09:52
hansfbaierPowermaniac: I did not read every bit of it, but I think it is you who knows best what you want to do, and thus it is you who has to do the choosing.09:53
hansfbaierYour preferences will change as you learn more09:53
Powermaniachansfbaier: Well the Parallella seems to be the only board price wise and connection wise that will work for my goal09:54
hansfbaierPowermaniac: probably starting with a simple board like the de0_nano would be a good idea09:54
hansfbaierPowermaniac: get the 7020 if you can09:54
mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson closed pull request #5: DCache: Non-disrupting invalidation (master...master)
Powermaniachansfbaier: Okay that means more GPIO pins as well which was the plan09:54
hansfbaierPowermaniac: But you will need to get some of those lovely Samtec connectors and SMT soldering skills + routing your own breakout boards09:56
hansfbaierPowermaniac: unless there are some09:56
hansfbaierPowermaniac: I canceled my 7020 parallela order and ordered the SocKit09:56
PowermaniacDone some basic soldering before09:56
hansfbaierPowermaniac: Yes it's killer for that price09:57
PowermaniacCan you link me to the SocKit please?09:57
hansfbaierPowermaniac: I would want to avoid Xilinx. Alteras software is much better09:57
hansfbaierPowermaniac: If you live in the western world you can get one on a $99 seminar for free09:57
hansfbaierPowermaniac: it's more powerful than the 702009:58
PowermaniacOh really09:58
hansfbaier7020 has 75k cells, SocKit has 155k09:58
PowermaniacI'm in Australia actually09:58
hansfbaier115k sorry09:58
hansfbaierPowermaniac: If you choose to order over FedEx tell them in advance you don't want to use their "customs clearance service".09:58
hansfbaierThey will rip you off big time09:58
hansfbaierthey did with me.09:58
hansfbaierthe order was $25009:59
hansfbaiertheir "service" $10009:59
hansfbaieron top of the shipping cost of $2909:59
PowermaniacStill not sure what the SocKit is xD09:59
hansfbaierthey even got the customs declaration wrong.09:59
hansfbaierand didn't even bother to call me to get it right09:59
hansfbaiersaid my order was too small for that nuisance09:59
hansfbaierNow I'm going to kick ass09:59
hansfbaierBut unfortunately there is not much I can do.10:00
hansfbaierThey have the joker: The package10:01
_franck_openrisc is now part of the openocd mainline ! Finally !10:01
hansfbaierPowermaniac: I could have bought a two way plane ticket to Jakarta and did the customs myself for their "service charge"10:01
hansfbaier_franck_: wow, good news!10:01
Powermaniachansfbaier: WOAH WHAT? O_O10:01
hansfbaierPowermaniac: unfortunately I could not cancel the second order while still at Arrow. They said their orders are final and non returnable.10:02
hansfbaierI already told FedEx I'll pick it up myself by plane.10:03
hansfbaierThose crooks don't get another dollar from me.10:03
_franck_Powermaniac: openocd is kind of a bridge between gdb and the processor10:03
Powermaniachansfbaier: So can you link me to the SocKit as I don't know it's full name thus can't find it with a google anyway10:03
hansfbaierPowermaniac: Will use the opportunity to go to a jam session at night10:03
olofk_franck_: Great job with OpenOCD!10:04
PowermaniacOhhh that one10:04
hansfbaierPowermaniac: has no digital video though.10:04
PowermaniacYeah the Parallella is still cheaper overall10:05
hansfbaierPowermaniac: You can add it with a nice $400 expansion board :]10:05
PowermaniacAlthough with the 7020 it gets closer to the SocKit in price10:05
hansfbaier7020 is 75K LUT and no Chipscope10:05
hansfbaiersockit 115k10:05
hansfbaierwith SignalTap10:05
PowermaniacNot sure what all that means really so...10:05
PowermaniacAlthough for $299 I could get:
PowermaniacWhich is $100 more then the Parallella with the 702010:06
hansfbaierYes but that's only 115k cells10:06
hansfbaiersame as SocKit10:06
hansfbaierformer is $100 less10:06
hansfbaier$200 less if you attend a seminar10:07
PowermaniacTechnically couldn't I buy the 7010 first and then later grab a 7020 board as well, so I could conenct them for more computing power (just for the hell of it thanks to the Epiphany)?10:07
PowermaniacWhere are the seminar's though?10:07
hansfbaierInterfacing is tough work though10:07
hansfbaieror scroll down on last link10:10
hansfbaierit's somewhere there10:10
PowermaniacOkay yeah none of those appear to be hosted in Aus10:11
hansfbaierPowermaniac: see you. Enough time in front of the box for today.10:11
PowermaniacOh okay10:11
stekernI wouldn't recommend the sockit, for the same reasons as parallella. You can't access any of the peripherals from the FPGA10:20
stekern"any", you can access DDR, VGA and AC9710:21
stekernbut not ethernet, sdcard nor usb10:21
stekernI mean, I wouldn't recommend it for what you are looking for Powermaniac10:22
stekernas a development platform for openrisc, I think it's perfect10:22
Powermaniacstekern: Oh okay10:25
Powermaniacstekern: Back to square one then10:25
stekernand there are potential real world uses for it, but that involves running some RTOS on the or1k core performing some time critical tasks10:25
PowermaniacI wonder if there is an arduino board with ethernet10:26
Powermaniac + equals half done10:28
PowermaniacThen I just need to add 2 usb host ports10:28
PowermaniacWhich basically brings the cost up to this anyway:
PowermaniacWell the academic cost10:29
PowermaniacThat only needs 1 usb port10:29
PowermaniacAnd a HDMI port10:29
PowermaniacWait what can GPIO pins be used for?10:31
stekernyou'd be better of with the atlys board than the de2-115 (in bang for the buck)10:33
PowermaniacBut I thought it was best to go with Altera based boards?10:33
stekernaltera have a lot nicer tools, but that's about what's better with altera10:35
PowermaniacSo it doesn't really matter then...10:35
stekern+ I have an atlys board, so you know where to find help getting it up and running ;)10:36
PowermaniacDoes the Atlys board have USB Host ports?10:36
PowermaniacAs it says Two on-board USB2 ports10:36
PowermaniacBut I can't tell10:36
stekernnope, but again, do you *really* need that?10:37
PowermaniacWell only way to connect a mouse and keyboard10:37
PowermaniacI thought I need USB Host for that?10:37
PowermaniacWait there is a USB-HID port for mouse/keyboard10:38
stekernwell, it actually has a PIC32 (or was it PIC24) acting as a USB-HID10:38
PowermaniacSo I only need 1 more USB port then10:38
stekernbut haven't you ever heard of good old trusty PS/2?10:38
PowermaniacOn the left of the board in that picture10:38
PowermaniacIt has PS/2?10:38
stekernno, but that's a *whole* lot easier to hook up to a pinheader than usb10:39
PowermaniacOh okay10:39
PowermaniacSo is there space to connect a PS/2 connector, as I could use that for keyboard on the Atlys10:40
stekernthis is me playing with mouse and keyboard on the atlys board:
Powermaniacstekern: You can actually play a LucasArts game on the Atlys board, awesome!10:41
stekernyes, in scummvm under Linux10:42
Powermaniacstekern: So how had you conencted keyboard/mouse in that video to the Atlys?10:42
stekernusb keyboard was connected to the USB-HID connector and a PS/2 mouse was connected to a pinheader10:43
PowermaniacThe Atlys board does actually look like the best bang for the buck actually10:43
PowermaniacOh okay, well I shall get the Digilent Atlys 2 once funds come through10:43
PowermaniacDigilent Atlys*10:44
PowermaniacHopefully can get it via the academic pricing, as Terasic was going to do that for me atleast10:45
PowermaniacSo Digilent I assume will as well10:45
PowermaniacWait what storage can the Atlys connect to?11:06
PowermaniacCan you connect to a HDD via ethernet?11:08
stekernshort answer - yes11:08
PowermaniacWait I need that for wifi for some reason thought it had x2 ethernet ports11:08
stekernI use a network share from my workstation as the rootfs on the atlys board11:09
PowermaniacVia ethernet I assume?11:09
PowermaniacHmm any other way to connect storage to the Atlys?11:12
PowermaniacWhat about that massive 48 pin GPIO port11:13
stekernmmc via spi is fairly simple11:14
PowermaniacWait no it says it is a 68-pin VHDC connector according to the Atlys reference manual11:15
stekernthere are those pmod connectors that are easy to hook-up to11:16
PowermaniacWhat can they be be connected to, sata?11:16
stekernI wouldn't11:17
PowermaniacHow would you connect it to a HDD?11:17
stekernif you need massive amounts of storage, network storage is your best bet11:17
PowermaniacHmm okay11:18
PowermaniacWait a second11:18
PowermaniacYou can't connect to storage and the internet via ethernet at the same time can you?11:18
PowermaniacLike with some expansion board or something?11:19
stekernof course you can11:22
stekernjust use a router11:22
stekernor switch11:22
stekernor, if you are connected to internet via wifi on your PC and you have an ethernet connector on that, connect it to that and share a folder on the PC as a network drive11:24
PowermaniacOh okay11:24
stekernand then use the PC as a router between the ethernet port and wifi adapter11:24
PowermaniacI wonder if there is an open source router for sale11:25
stekerngoogle openwrt11:25
floznhello guys! does anyone have some experience with minsoc and the i2c_master_top module of
floznthe simulation works fine (set/read registers, interrupts, scl and sda outputs) but the real system throws11:29
floznbus errors and fails the self-tests :( .11:29
stekernis that the same i2c core that is used in orpsocv2?11:37
floznhi stekern, i just checked the two file i2c_master_top.v and i2c_master_slave.v . the info header  ("$Id: i2c_master_top.v,v 1.12 2009-01-19 20:29:26 rherveille Exp $")  and the verilog ports are exactly the same but the content differs. e.g. the i2c_master_byte_ctrl module has some more entries at orpsocv211:43
floznmaybe i try to implement the i2c core of orpsocv211:44
stekernI would run a diff between those two, there is a big possibility that there are fixes in the orpsocv2 version that hasn't made it back to the core11:44
olofkI see a boatload of patches for orpsocv3 to cover all the orpsocv2 fixes until they are upstreamed11:45
stekerndo we have the i2c core in orpsocv3?11:45
olofkI also see myself co-maintaining a truck load of stuff at OpenCores unless someone else does that11:45
olofkstekern: Not yet11:46
stekernah, yeah, you meant in general11:46
stekernI'm going to send the vga patches to Richard, I'm pretty sure he'll be responsive11:48
stekernwhich is larger btw, a boat load or a truck load?11:49
floznthat sounds like some good news ;) . i will try the orpsocv2 i2c core!11:49
flozn1maybe you two can give a tip to another problem of mine :) ? my ./ call for or32-gcc fails with:11:51
flozn1checking for suffix of object files... configure: error: in `/mnt/data/FPGA/tools/or-gcc/gnu-stable/bd-elf/or32-elf/libgcc':11:51
flozn1configure: error: cannot compute suffix of object files: cannot compile11:51
flozn1the according cmd line is: ./ --force --prefix /mnt/data/FPGA/tools/or-gcc/2013-09 --or1ksim-dir /mnt/data/FPGA/tools/or32-elf-1.0rc1-CentOS-x86_64/or1ksim-0.5.1rc1 --no-uclibc --no-or32-linux11:52
stekernseems like "cannot compute suffix of object files" is the error of the week11:52
jonibostekern: boat > truck... you don't see ports with a large number of boats lined up to ferry off the contents of a single truck11:53
flozn1"is the error of the week" ... oh. sorry for that :/11:53
stekernjonibo: during midsummer in sweden you do, but yeah, you're right ;)11:55
joniboheh... :)  clever!11:55
joniboi'd qualify it then... a "swedish boatload" may in fact be smaller than a "metric boatload"... kind of like the Swedish mile dwarfs the British one!11:56
jonibo...and in fact smaller than a "metric truckload"11:56
stekernok, good we got that sorted out ;)11:57
joniboyup, glad you brought it up ;)12:00
flozn1"/mnt/data/FPGA/tools/or-gcc/gnu-stable/bd-elf/./gcc/cc1: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file" ... where may i place the that the build process is able to find it? (btw. i had to build it manually from source because no libmpc package was available for centos6 :( )12:01
olofkflozn1: Not even libmpc-devel? I'm pretty sure that this problem has come up for centos6 before, and that it was solved12:02
joniboexport LD_LIBRARY_PATH =<whereever you put your>12:03
joniboI think that should do the trick12:03
flozn1yum search libmpc prints only "musepack audio" ...12:03
_franck_stekern: so you're telling me you're using the uart16550 core whith mor1kx configured with DBUS_WB_TYPE("B3_REGISTERED_FEEDBACK") and it works ?12:03
olofk_franck_: If you are using or1200-generic you are not using the real uart16550 core. That could be the problem12:06
stekern_franck_: yes12:06
_franck_olofk: I'm simulating my de112:06
_franck_olofk: I can see tx alive with or1200 not with mor1kx12:07
_franck_stekern: you're lying :)12:08
olofk_franck_: Ah.. ok. That means I'm innocent (more or less) :)12:08
stekern_franck_: am I?
_franck_in uart_wb.v, in the FSM, wre won't come back to '1' unless stb or cyc are '0' that's why on the three consecutive registers write only the first is performed12:10
stekernso, the uart is buggy12:11
_franck_stekern: ok, you're not12:11
_franck_it's easy to fix and I'll try tonight12:12
flozn1@"(16:03:31) jonibo: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.." ... i added the definition to .bashrc and sourced it (error described above occured). now it works :) ! thanks alot :-[12:14
_franck_not working on top12:14
_franck_there should be a picpaste website where you could really paste your clipboard content12:15
_franck_and not take a screenshot, paste it in your draing program, save as and the send it to picpaste12:15
flozn1good bye and thanks again!12:17
olofkflozn1: Good lucj12:17
flozn1thanks :)12:17
Powermaniac Welp it turns out I shall definitely have to wait to get the Digilent Atlys for now as to get it here rounds the cost to $27012:21
PowermaniacWait no make that $28512:21
PowermaniacHmm, so what other things could I have done with the simulation?12:56
PowermaniacOr is that all so far you can do in the simulation?12:57
PowermaniacGuess I should go learn verilog and come back to this all12:57
juliusb~Verilog is easy13:19
juliusbyou'll be back tomorrow13:19
Powermaniacjuliusb: Any recommendations on learning material then?13:25
PowermaniacWhat can you connect an ethernet port to?13:37
PowermaniacAhh forget the above13:45
PowermaniacI'll just wait till christmas before buying anything13:45
PowermaniacAre you giving away DE0 Nano's at the Orconf?13:51
PowermaniacOr are they just supplied to use for the conference?13:51
PowermaniacWait on that note I just noticed something odd13:58
PowermaniacTheres a picture on the right of a DE0 Nano connected to microUSB13:58
PowermaniacWhat breakout board is that?13:58
PowermaniacWaiting it is14:12
PowermaniacThought I found a loophole then14:12
PowermaniacAnyway I think that is all from me tonight14:29
PowermaniacGoodnight everyone!14:29
olofkTime to go home to my disconnected house that will never get a static IP address anyway :(14:36
poke53281bluecmd and stekern: strace is working with uClibc.16:32
poke53281I used the newest of the newest kernel patches. And there is a bug somewhere.16:33
poke53281But it works with the normal branch16:34
poke53281Thanks blueCmd for the strace implementation :)16:34
stekernpoke53281: good to hear, except for the bug in the newest kernel patches17:31
stekernI feel sorry for olofk, it's not gonna feel like a real home until he gets a propoer internet connection17:32
poke53281The bug should be easy to find for Jonas.17:55
blueCmdpoke53281: great! nice that it's useful :)18:16
poke53281one question to you blueCmd: Is eglibc working? Does it support the same stuff like uClibc at the moment?19:03
stekernpoke53281: I think blueCmd brought his patches over to glibc from eglibc and have done some work upon that, since upstreaming would go through that anyway19:39
stekerncheck his github page19:39
blueCmdpoke53281: yeah, glibc sort of works19:53
blueCmdthere are a few things left on my todo that are non-trivial, but I'm able to run openssh / apache and so on19:54
poke53281with shared library support?20:28
--- Log closed Fri Sep 27 00:00:14 2013

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