IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2012-01-26

KeeWeeany NVMe Core (or driver stack) available or planned for ORSoC ?12:31
KeeWeenot meaning the Linux 3.1 NVMe driver, but some interface to be able to address NAND chips (maybe on ORPSoC board) through some Core integrated in ORSoC12:35
olofkKeeWee: NVMe is PCI express based, right? (did a quick googling)19:32
KeeWeeand I don't know if ORSoC has some plan to support some SoC "PCI device"20:25
KeeWeeor this is not in the plans20:26
KeeWeeand all plans are based on the wishbone bus20:26
KeeWeein this case, the purpose of the question was to know if there are any Core to address NAND natively with ORSoC ?20:27
KeeWee(which is basically the purpose of NVMe)20:27

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